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Helped establish in 1960 the AFL Buffalo Bills team owner Ralph - Wilson died at home in the United States Tuesday afternoon, at the age of 95 years old. Bill Wilson is the founder of the team, is the only owner. In the AFL merged with the NFL, he played a key role. In 2009 he was elected to the NFL Hall of Fame.

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In 2011 underwent hip surgery Houweierxun it has not been possible to restore health. Over the past few years, he spent most of the time at home in suburban Detroit, but he still took part in the last few years of Hall of Fame ceremony. Team president Bill Las - Brandon NFL owners meeting in Wilson announced the news of the death. "He's very strong," Brandon said. "I worked for him for 18 years, I would talk to him every day, sometimes several times a day and no one Bilaerfu - Wilson more love this

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The campaign, he means the whole club. He is our leader, our mentor, our friend. He is so loved his players and Russell Wilson Jersey the team. He hopes to bring a Super Bowl championship for the Western New York, he hopes to bring the championship for players, coaches and team , But more for the fans. He is also very proud of the team because Bill was the only one scored four consecutive Super Bowl team. "

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Wilson spent $ 25,000 in 1959, Bill bought the team. According to the latest Forbes data, as of August 2013, Bill team is valued at approximately $ 870 million. Active part of Bill team players, including wide receiver Stevie - Johnson are on Twitter Wilson expressed his condolences to the death. Running back CJ-Spiller then Wilson said in a statement as a "great leader."
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"He will always be my team and fans around the world, Bill remembrance and love," Spiller said in a statement. "I want to thank Mr. Wilson picked me in the draft, and to me his great team established, I will not let you down, Mr. Wilson. Willing on Emperor always protect you and your family. The world has lost a great leader, but his legacy will last forever. "
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San Francisco 49ers want to prolong the start of the season in 2014 before Colin - Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) contract. Although the 49ers had previously acknowledged and Capet Nick renewal is the first thing the team needs to be considered, but this is the general manager Trent - Belk first revealed with Capet Nick renewal schedule. Russell Wilson Black Jersey Belk said in an interview before the 49ers want to pre-season training camp begins in late July and Nick Capet complete the contract. This means that the team believes that the 2011 second-round pick has a bright future at the quarterback position will be. Russell Wilson Womens Jersey.Capet 49ers as a starter Nick's record of 21 wins and 8 losses. He led the National League team reached the finals twice, and once reached the Super Bowl. 49ers Capet Nick and brokers who conducted a preliminary communication. This 2014 season, quarterback salary just over one million U.S. dollars, while his new bench, Brian - Gabbert's salary is probably his double. Russell Wilson Seahawks Jersey Capet Nick might ask for a copy of the contract between the average annual salary of $ 18 million -2,000 10,000. This will also be the first big contract he got from the 49ers. Due to wide receiver Michael - Crabtree, linebacker Al East - Mike Smith and guard front - Mike contract will expire at the end of the 2014 season, so even though the 49ers have a team option and privilege tag But these players on contract issues they wiggle room is not large.